Discovery Channel

Write & direct 100+ TV documentaries for North American networks.

South Asian Wellness

Co-design patient-centred lab for health authority.


Co-found strategic design studio at business school.

Witness the Evil

Direct ground-breaking documentary for Roméo Dallaire on Rwanda genocide.

Social Innovation Lab

Launch local economic development initiative in Peru.

Discovery Channel

Write & direct 100+ TV documentaries for North American networks.

Aerospace Marketing

Write documentary series for historic product launch.

Genomic Impact

Design communications tools for elite genomic researchers.

New Product Development

Design venture capital engagement for global manufacturer.


Coach executive team on story strategies for business development.

Business Model Evolution

Engage team in transforming publishing business for digital age.

Youth-at-risk Outreach

Co-design new program to reduce crime with and for youth.

Design Research

Publish first industry guidelines for engagement design.

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I use story to design the future.

I run a design studio for story-powered innovation™.

Here, I use story as a tool to help leaders like you research, design and share new kinds of solutions to complex problems.

On most projects, I follow an intuitive and iterative four-step story design process to help you define your problem clearly, dream of potential solutions, dare to test those ideas in the real world, and discover how to improve them.

My clients have used story design to create all kinds of solutions – from public sector services – to police strategies – to travel experiences – to aerospace brand stories.

My story design approach follows the simple framework of the Story Specs™, and combines traditional and story-based design tools throughout.

These include: narrative research, ethnography, journals, scenarios, speculative fiction, role play, improv, storyboards, personas, journey maps and digital media.

To support this work, I developed the Story Canvas™ , which you can use as a roadmap and dashboard to plan, track and share the story of your work as you complete your design journey.


Why choose story design to solve your problems?

Because you and your team already know how it works, thanks to your existing narrative intelligence. This hidden expertise is today’s untapped superpower; it enables us to imagine new technologies, analyze experiences, predict customer behavior, plan campaigns and more–all through the lens of story. By tapping into it, you’re able to start solving problems right away – there’s no start-up time. Even better, a process driven by narrative intelligence enables you to leverage the lived experience of every person involved in your project – a hidden jackpot of intel and insights that’s easy to activate.

Folks I’ve worked with over the years