3 things you need to know to sell your big idea

Last week's Futurpreneur story pitch session reminded me of a few things I thought I'd pass along.

  • Everyone is stretched impossibly thin. Although the session was free, registration was low.
  • Many entrepreneurs still don't know why or how to tell their story. It's not something most participants had even thought about.
  • Crafting compelling stories is hard work. No matter what "experts" tell you, there are no shortcuts  or silver bullets. It takes time, practice and energy to get it right.

What's the good news? It's never too late to begin using stories to grow your influence and impact. Here are the first three things you'll need to figure out to start shaping your pitch story.

  • Who you need to "sell". That might be your client, your boss, a funder or your mother.
  • What problem they have. What's making life hard for them right now.
  • How your idea or thing will make their life better. Remember, Colgate doesn't sell toothpaste – they sell fresh breath and a sexy smile. Ford doesn't sell trucks – they sell a workhorse for your projects and access to the wilderness. Budweiser doesn't sell beer – they sell good times with friends and a feeling of belonging.

Focus on figuring out how you'll change someone's life for the better, and you'll have the perfect foundation for your new pitch story.