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Leading change is a tough gig. Especially when the fate of the planet depends on it.

The world's become so complex these days that most of the challenges we encounter are brand new to us and everyone else. There simply aren't any existing roadmaps, manuals or best practices to guide us. We're stuck trying to figure it out for ourselves. Which often leaves us stuck all together.

I know. I've been doing this work with sustainability leaders across the globe for 30 years, as an award-winning filmmaker, educator and consultant. Read my story.

Now I'd like to help you, with coaching and facilitation services that unleash your full potential so you can grow your impact for good.


1-1 and group sessions to do your best work.

Find a better way.

We all get stuck sometimes. Being able to work with a creative thought partner like a coach can give us a fresh perspective that helps us reframe challenges and find creative solutions.

As a certified leadership coach, I create a safe space for you to:- get clear on where you want to go in the future- uncover hidden beliefs and barriers that hold you back- and create a new path that will get you there.

Through this work, you not only develop a future-ready mindset and approach to leading change, but you also strengthen collaboration, communication and culture in your organization - essential elements for you to thrive in your sustainability work.

Every session produces a specific outcome that moves you one step closer to your desired future – and almost always includes a major insight that fuels your personal growth.

What kinds of things can you work on with me as your coach?

Just about anything. You set the agenda, based on your long-term goals. Common topics include:

  • Improving collaboration with peers, teams, partners and boards.
  • Avoiding burnout and increasing fulfillment.
  • Balancing competing priorities and aligning teams.
  • Developing your leadership story to guide your work.
  • Changing direction in your strategy or career.
  • Launching a new venture.
  • Scaling an existing program or initiative.
  • Designing and leading a shift in culture.
  • Getting buy-in for your big ideas.

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Impact labs for new solutions.

Go farther, faster, together.

Most of the time, it's not enough to invest in coaching for just one or two people on a team. Even if these leaders experience breakthrough growth, they're still stuck working in a culture or environment that hasn't changed. Which means it'll be almost impossible for them to make a real difference.

That's why I also run custom impact labs, to create a safe space for you and your people to address the underlying issues holding you back and align everyone around a shared vision of the future so you can go farther, faster, together.

These labs can last anywhere from a day to a year. They're more experimental than workshops, using innovation tools like design thinking and strategic foresight to help teams tackle complex problems that don't have a clear solution. That could include anything from ESG reporting to climate communications to reconciliation.

Labs also offer a creative, new approach to more traditional activities, like strategic planning, change management, envisioning and team building. You can even use them to bring together a group of peers or colleagues to think through a new challenge.

At the end of each lab, you and your team get a roadmap to the future, along with new design skills for ongoing sustainability planning. Follow-up coaching is available to support you as you work to implement your plan.

Why choose a lab approach to advance sustainability?

Simple – your issues are too complex and unique for an off-the-shelf solution. Find out more about how labs work.

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I worked with Denise to navigate a mid-career transition from technology toward social impact. She helped me clarify what I want and what I offer the world, which I had struggled to crystallize for myself. It was really helpful to have her in my corner, and I’d love to work with her again.
– Abid Saifee, Climate Tech Product Director, ecomedes
Denise is the master of helping you discover and leverage your leadership story. She was instrumental in helping me make sense of the last 10 years of my life and distill it into a compelling message that will keep me focused and empowered for at least another decade.
– Paul Davidescu, CEO, LevelUp Advisors

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I've had the good fortune to work with dozens of incredible clients over the years. Here are a few of my favourites.