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The world is on fire. And we're all suffering. Hurt by old ways of thinking and doing that we just can't seem to change.

I want to help us heal. Find new ways to live in balance with each other and the planet.

My theory of change is that, if I can help sustainability professionals unlock their full potential to lead change, then they'll be able to shift cultures and systems to create a healthy future for all.

That's why I launched the Qwest for Good leadership lab.

👉 Think of it as a safe space to test out new ways of thinking, doing and being. A way to connect with and learn from other sustainability professionals. An all-access pass to everything I've learned about leadership, change, storytelling and sustainability over the last 30 years. For free.

Here's what you get when you sign up.

✅ Members-only coaching discounts.

  • 50% off your first coaching session with me (regular price $200/hr) with a guarantee of new insights or you don't pay.
  • 10% off future sessions.
  • Priority access to my calendar for emergency coaching sessions.

✅ Free copy of my Change Story map.

  • A proven tool that helps change-makers create an easy-to-share, adaptable story pitch that clarifies goals, outlines strategy and inspires action for any change initiative.

✅ Full access to my resource library.

  • Including industry-leading articles and worksheets for members only, plus stories about how others found new ways to make change.

✅ Bi-weekly emails with new content.

  • Stories and strategies designed specifically to address the challenges sustainability professionals face.

✅ Invitations to private events.

  • Exclusive access to industry experts and learning labs on specific tools for leading change, like design thinking, storytelling and strategic foresight.

What's the catch? There isn't one.

We're at a tipping point. And we need leaders like you working at your full potential to create a sustainable future. This is my way of helping you get there.

Join me and discover how to maximize your impact for good.