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Over the past 30 years, my clients and I have inspired millions of people across the globe to take action for a sustainable future.

Working together, we've done things like promote clean energy, protect species, improve health care, boost economic development and advance biotech. Found new ways to design strategies, align teams, shift culture and get funding. Run dozens of programs, workshops, labs and campaigns to accelerate innovation. Studied behaviour and beliefs to change narratives. Published ground-breaking research. And won 8 international awards for impact and engagement along the way.

Through our coaching work, my clients have developed new skills and strategies to lead through complexity. Shifted beliefs and behaviours to address blind spots and gaps. Found clarity in their purpose and values to engage and inspire others. Shared their stories to build trust and relationships. Changed direction to live and work authentically. And unleashed their courage to challenge cultures and systems that stood in their way.

Here are some examples of how we did it.

European climate scientist - culture change
As she completed her post-doctoral studies, my client realized that researchers would need to adopt a transdisciplinary approach to research if they wanted to create effective climate solutions. But academic culture and systems operate in rigid silos, in many cases actively resisting transdisciplinary work. She engaged me to help her
Sooke - climate action lab
When it came time to develop a climate action plan, the team at the District of Sooke knew that engagement would be key to its success. They also knew they’d need to shift some deeply entrenched narratives in the community and culture. So they asked me to work with them
Credit union CEO - leadership storytelling
Getting buy-in for big ideas is tough for any leader. It’s particularly hard for women in finance who have to work twice as hard to build trust and credibility – all while trying to find a way to lead authentically, in line with their values. This client came to me to
SeaLegacy - impact lab
Like many non-profit leaders, National Geographic photographers Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier were experts in their field. But new to running a growing organization. I joined them for a year to help them build their systems and team, define their roles as leaders, and come up with an impact strategy
Post-secondary President - sustainable leadership
Higher education is in turmoil as new educational business models emerge – along with new demands for training to address sustainability challenges from equity to the environment. Despite his role as an established leader, my client had never worked with a coach before. But now, he wanted someone to help him
Genome Canada - research impact lab
Most scientists are brilliant in their field but can struggle to demonstrate impact as required by granting agencies. As a result, their project proposals and evaluation reports often miss the mark, which can hurt them when they go to seek future funding. Genome Canada asked me to develop a way
McConnell Foundation - leadership story lab
As the McConnell Foundation prepared to enter a new era, with a new incoming CEO and strategy underway, they knew they needed to invest in their team, to improve their ability to tell their stories. Their goal was not just to strengthen the communication of their work to external audiences,
Health Care Director - system change
When my client stepped into her new role to deliver a health promotion program for South Asians, she had no idea how difficult or complex it would be. In just a few weeks, she discovered that the program, along with its underlying systems and culture, was doomed to fail. Rife
Climate leader - career transition
After seeing his country miss all of its climate commitments, my client realized it was time for him to step into a leadership role to accelerate climate action. But he had a family to support and needed to find a future path that would be sustainable for them and the
Surrey - youth-at-risk engagement lab
After the City of Surrey published its Crime Reduction Strategy, municipal and community leaders saw an opportunity to engage youth at risk in expanding the strategy’s impact. They invited me to work with local universities, police, City staff and youth to design an agile and effective new way to
Ontario Cabinet - Design thinking lab
Learning to apply design thinking principles is like learning to ride a bike. You can read about it all you like - but you have to experience it to be able to succeed. That’s why the Ontario Cabinet Office asked me to run a hands-on design thinking lab for 300