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I've helped sustainability leaders like you make change for 30 years, through my work as an award-winning filmmaker, consultant and coach.

I spent the first half of my career writing and directing hundreds of documentaries to make things better for people and the planet – first with government and high tech, then Discovery Channel and CBC. Together, my clients and I inspired millions to take action on issues from acid rain and GMOs to addiction and HIV.

Then, reality TV killed the documentary market. Like so many people in other industries, I lost the job I loved. And had to reinvent myself, find a new way to drive change.

It took a while.

I went back to school and studied adult development - how we think and learn - becoming one of the first researchers to publish on the science of engagement. After being recruited to the b-school at UBC, I spent several years working as an innovation consultant, helping social impact organizations from Vancity to the UN use tools like storytelling and design thinking to lead change. I co-founded four innovation labs, taught at four universities and helped launch a dozen social enterprises.

In 2018, I moved to Vancouver Island to help two National Geographic photographers run an ocean non-profit, ultimately doubling its reach and revenue in less than a year. That's when it hit me.

What sustainability professionals need most right now isn't a new tool or framework.They need a coach.

Today's impact leaders have plenty of passion and energy. But they often come to positions of power without much training or experience in how to lead people, how to run an organization, how to align others around a shared vision, how to inspire them to action – and, most importantly, how to do all that in an increasingly complex world plagued with multiple existential crises.

I realized that coaching was what I'd been doing subconsciously my entire career – working with clients as their creative thought partner to help them unlock their full potential to be and do their best.

Coaching was my way to accelerate change, for good.

Today, I specialize in helping leaders from scientists to CEOs develop the clarity and capacity they need to create a healthy future for people and the planet.

In addition to my private practice as a certified coach, I serve as a leadership coach at the University of British Columbia, an innovation coach with MakeWay, a member of the Climate Coaching Alliance, a Board Trustee with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University, where I teach climate leadership. I hold an MSc in Interactive Arts & Technology, a Certificate in Adult Education and a BA in Media Production. To share what I learn, I've published two books, given a TEDx and taught at several universities. I also publish a podcast and newsletter as part of the free Qwest for Good leadership lab for sustainability professionals.

In my spare time, I grow tiny vegetables, hike and paddle the wet coast with my dogs and start campfires in the rain.

We're both on a missionto create a healthy futurefor people and the planet.

Let's see what we can do together.

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