Just a quick note to let you know that I'm launching a new Story Sprint for Innovation Leaders in February.

My goal is to help innovators like researchers, tech developers, policymakers, CEOs and social profits tell the story of their work. So they can share what they've learned – and get the buy-in and support they need to get to the next level. That might include new funding, resources, collaborators, followers or engagement from their team.

The Sprint will run in an online group coaching format for 4 weeks, with new sessions starting every month. And I'm only taking 8 people for each session.

Not sure? Check out the 3-minute minute video below to get a sneak peek at what you'll learn if you join me.

Why do this now?

I'm seeing too many great ideas and initiatives fail because people don't know about them. Here's the thing.

We can't support you if we don't know what you're doing or why it matters. And society simply doesn't have time to waste re-inventing the wheel, building the same start-up over and over. We need to accelerate and amplify innovation if we want to tackle today's wicked problems and create a better future.

Even though you think that people are following your work, if you do a random survey of your audience, you'll be shocked at how little they know. Stories make it easy for them to understand, remember and share your work.

But I can only do 1-1 work with a few storytelling clients at a time. So I decided to create a high-impact, high-touch group experience to help more leaders start telling their stories now.

  • The Sprint includes 4 x 90-minute online group coaching sessions weekly plus a 1-1 session for personalized support.
  • It's grounded in my 30+ years of award-winning storytelling work, academic research into engagement design and innovation consulting experience.
  • And if you're a paid subscriber here, you get 10% off.

You can't lead change if you can't tell your story. 

Find out more.