The 3 biggest storytelling mistakes fundraisers make

I remember the first time I gave someone a goat for Christmas. Not literally, of course. But I made a donation to a charity that used the money to buy a goat for a family in need overseas. And I loved doing it. The charity told me a future story of how the family would sell milk from the goat to make money to buy more goats, so they could then make enough money to send their kids to school. How could anyone resist that story?

While everybody knows that storytelling can boost fundraising success, what they don't know is that the wrong stories can often hurt more than they help.

With Giving Tuesday around the corner, I thought I'd pass along some storytelling insights that fundraising guru Douglas Nelson of the Discovery Group shared with me on my podcast last year. Though Doug works primarily in the social profit sector, his advice applies equally well to public and private sector leaders.

Here' are the three biggest storytelling mistakes fundraisers make.