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As a designer, I research and develop new tools and techniques, like Story Design and Narrative Intelligence, which strengthen global innovation capacity. In particular, my work focuses on making it easier for first-time innovators to produce sustainable solutions to today’s tough problems.

Genomic Impact

Design communications tools for elite genomic researchers.

Story Canvas

Develop agile planning tool for design teams.

Story Specs

Create story framework for research & development.

Story Design Process

Develop iterative process for problem definition, ideation, prototyping and analysis.

Design Research

Publish first industry guidelines for engagement design.

South Asian Wellness

Co-design patient-centred lab for health authority.

Student Experience Design Lab

Co-found student-led innovation initiative.

Social Innovation Lab

Launch local economic development initiative in Peru.


Co-found strategic design studio at business school.

New Product Development

Design venture capital engagement for global manufacturer.


Coach executive team on story strategies for business development.

Business Model Evolution

Engage team in transforming publishing business for digital age.


I work with individuals and teams as a co-designer to help them create innovative strategies, services, experiences and stories. I provide support across the design lifecycle for:

– design project launches
– design sprints
– design process and tools (problem definition, research, idea generation, prototyping and evaluation).


In my “spare time”, I write, direct and produce story-based media for news, business and consumer channels to advance purpose-driven innovation. My award-winning work has been featured in and on the Stanford Social Innovation Review, National Post, Discovery Channel and CBC. Recently, I also published my first book, Story Design: The Creative Way to Innovate.

Discovery Channel

Write & direct 100+ TV documentaries.

Witness the Evil

Direct first documentary on Rwanda genocide.

Aerospace Marketing

Write documentary series for historic product launch.

Distribution Conference

Share story strategies for innovation.

Innovation Lab Launch

Set the stage for future work.

Design Studio

Introduce design processes to student innovators.

Leaders Studio

Develop culture and capacity.


Finally, I give keynotes about designing for the future to inform and inspire innovation culture and capacity. My presentations draw on 35 years of field experience creating breakthrough solutions – as well as the latest findings from research and practice.

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