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Leadership hacks to get unstuck
One of the main reasons clients come to me is that they’re stuck. They want different outcomes than they’re getting. But haven’t been able to make the change required to get those different results. They either don’t know what to change or are resisting it. And that’s a huge problem
The power of saying no
5 tips to improve your focus and impact
6 tips for leading large scale climate innovation
When Sowmya Balendiran set out to get her Ph.D. in India, she had no idea she was taking the first step on a journey to become a top innovator, recognized by the World Economic Forum for her breakthrough work in scaling kelp production as a fossil fuel alternative. Thirteen
Why internal motivation beats external rewards for change
Last week, I gave a talk to a group of 50 senior government execs about using stories to create a digital culture. Organizations of all sizes struggle with technology adoption, often suffering significant losses when they fail. During the conversation, the moderator of the session told a short story about
How one research story disrupted an en’tire’ industry, for good
Here’s a great example of a research story from the University of Washington that’s so good that it’s driving new legislation, disrupting the global tire industry and accelerating the construction of stormwater treatment systems. What did this team of scientists do right to have such an amazing impact? In addition

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